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Intro video credit: Daniel Stoupin

The Great Barrier Reef is at risk and needs your help, today.

It is home to millions of different marine creatures – from tiny Nemo to giant Jaws!  They live, breed, feed and raise their young in the shelter of its great corals. Corals that are in immediate danger from the coal industry.

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The Australian government is propping up a dying coal industry operating in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. It is supporting the building of the Carmichael mega-mine, and allowing the digging up of millions of tonnes of seafloor to expand the Abbot Point coal port in north-east Australia.

It’s not just Nemo’s home. It is also a livelihood for tens of thousands of people including scientists, tourism operators and fishermen. Millions of people snorkel and dive to experience the magic of the Reef every year.

Tragically, half of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef has been destroyed, and long time visitors are seeing that already. Help us turn the tide.

We know the Reef is in danger.  We know the government plan won’t protect the Reef. We can have coal expansion or the Reef, not both.